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Multi Ch. Vallis Madea Aire Soy
on the cover of the last magazine of the CIT
(Newfoundland Club of Italy)

(March 11th, 2011 )

Judge: Mrs Merrick (GB)

Great weekend at Crufts !
Ch. Vallis Madea Duende
(Owner: Laurence Lepoivre - Bears of the Kingdom)

took VHC in Open Dog at only 2 years old !

Thank you Laurence and Serge to have shared these beautiful moments with me....

Vallis Madea Fuego Nena

Her first birthday !

See all pictures

A lot of pictures ......

Balvenie & Parsifal

Balvenie on holiday at brother's home

Gallery 11 - See all pictures

Family portraits
Tess, Soy, Balvenie & Nena
And very soon a lot of new pictures of Tess, Soy, Balvenie and Nena.....
Thanks so much to Serge (Two Waterfalls Land)
for this beautiful present...













New poster of the breeds
"Maxime" represent the Newfoundland dogs!!

Litter 2
New videos of the puppies (6 weeks old)
Videos of the puppies (1 month old)
Videos of the puppies (25 days old)
Litter 1
Videos of the puppies (1 month old):
New videos of the puppies
New videos of the puppies (9 weeks old)
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